Thank you for shopping in. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at originalcityapothecary@gmail.com.

We currently only ship orders within the United States. If you are outside of the United States and you would like to purchase an item, please send your inquiry to originalcityapothecary@gmail.com.
Print Products
Prints, clocks, mugs, journals and so on are printed by a third party vendor thus production time can vary between 1-3 days after your payment has been processed. Once you purchase your printed product, we place the order to be produced and shipped directly from the printer. Shipping can take 5-10 days. We thank you for your printing patience.
The art listed here is created with great love and care by Artists and Makers on a mission to share. The OCA promotes creativity and originality in various forms. Be it a print, a clock, or a card, all of the designs here are productions of the original art.
Herbal matter comes directly from our little forest when there is enough to go around. We also choose to use locally sourced organics and we shop from reputable nature-loving providers when we have to go outside of town.
Upon purchase, you will be asked to make note of your natal details or send them via email to Herbteller@gmail.com. This information is not and will never be stored or shared without your direct permission. The Herbteller is BIG on privacy, B I G.
For a much more extended FAQ with the nit and the grit, please visit www.herbteller.com.

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