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Saint Margaret RitualPerfume/Oil & Affirmation/Prayer

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Make your divine offering in honor of Saint Margaret with this ritual oil. She slayed the darkness in the shape of a dragon. Working with her archetypal lore encourages us to stand our ground and defeat the shadows that haunt and taunt us. Her legacy persists in fable and many mythologists suggest that she was a Serpent Goddess in disguise. Many people still pray to Margaret for assistance in natural disasters and during childbirth. She is also evoked to offer help with kidney illnesses and defeat evil spirits. She is a versatile and steadfast companion to those seeking strength.

Saint Margaret is a soothing blend mixed under Luna's careful eye. Designed in her honor, this blend is composed to enhance intuition and compassion. Take a courageous and aromatic approach to self care with notes of Lavender and a touch of Sage in tune with the Herbteller blend.

Like all of the Herbteller products, the recipes and enchantment/prayer are custom creations based on the archetypal and mythloritc origins of Saint Margaret.

Herbteller perfumes and oils are herb-crafted with the cycles of the Moon. Each scent is a custom blend with a specified intent. Hence, the perfumes are prepared in small batches and aged before they are dispensed.

Carrier Oil: Jojoba
This product does not contain alcohol
This perfume has stones and herbs in the mix.

If you have a specific intention you'd like to customize, contact me at herbteller [!at] and I'll happily comply.

Label/Sticker (add it to the bottle or save it for another use)
Handkerchief (design varies)
Herbcharm (design varies)
Cloth Bag
Enchantment (Affirmation/Invocation)/Prayer)

Do not consume.
Herbteller perfumes and oils are composed of organic materials including essential oils.