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Libra Herbs Apothekit (Herb Kit/Tea Kit)

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Strike a balance with this fair herbset.

The Zodiacal Apothekits come with herbs associated with the planet/sign on hand. In addition, I include remedial herbs and recipes to address common Libra complaints.
Planetary Pals are herbs associated with and directly ruled by Venus/Libra. Planetary Remedials are herbs that counteract and often contradict the actions of your Planetary Pals. Together, they offer a holistic approach to a life in balance.

The Herbteller Apothekit makes an excellent gift for tea lovers, students of Herbalism and Masters alike. Each set is composed with a touch of herbal education and a wee bit of lore.

Herbteller Apothekits include the following:
9 Herbpacks: Each 2x3 bag contains 3-4 tablespoons of herbs. (Please see the Teakey)
9 Herbcards: Each Herbcard comes with a custom enchantment and herbal profile.
1 Charmbag: Herbs, oils, stones, and magical surprises.
1 Teabling: Tea Strainer all dressed up. (Design varies but it's sure to be lovely)
1 Notebook: For your teataking notes. (Blank pocket-sized/color varies)
1 Handkerchief: Design varies but it's sure to be lovely.
1 Herbspritz: (10ml spritz) Scent varies per purpose.
5 Recipes: Custom Herbteller Tea Recipes (Recipes vary per Apothekit)

See my home site for a complete listing of Libra offerings:

Herbpacks included:
Burdock Root

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Greetings Good Deers, thank you for perusing by. The following notes may prove useful:

- Herbteller recipes are composed based on the natal chart of the person or subject/archetype they represent.

- is a complete catalog

- If you are looking for a particular deity. intention, or Teller of tales pop it in the search box. If nothing comes up, feel free to contact me at herbteller [!at] It's likely been composed and not yet posted.

Art, Recipes, Design, and words are all custom creations and content originated and created by Noelle Labrousse. Replication and plagiarism will not be tolerated. We take idea theft serious in these here woods.