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Persephone Oil (Herbal Perfume/Oil)

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Persephone herbal perfume is a subtle and uplifting blend of inspiration and intrigue. Persephone is designed for the strength we find deep inside. One who feels abandoned and unheard will benefit from this gentle blend. A touch of Orange, Frankincense, and Jasmine mixed with the Herbteller base blend makes for a harmonious and imaginative aroma sure to lift the spirit.

Carrier Oil: Jojoba Oil
Persephone Oil does not contain alcohol

Herbteller perfumes and oils are herb-crafted with the cycles of the Moon. Each scent is a custom blend with a specified intent. Hence, the perfumes are prepared in small batches and aged before they are dispensed.

If you have a specific intention you'd like to customize, contact me at and I'll happily comply.


Black Tourmaline
Handkerchief (design varies)
Herbcharm (design varies)
Cloth Bag

Do not consume.
Herbteller perfumes and oils are composed of organic materials including essential oils.

Dear Seeker,

Please take note of the following details:

Enchantments are rituals of reflection driven by intention. Metaphysical transformation is not guaranteed.

The Deities presented in these enchantments are Archetypes of the reflective purpose. I compose each enchantment based on their lore and symbolic worship. Take them out or exchange them as you see fit. Their stories are told and retold to inspire and teach us. This is your story, look within.

Herbsanct Origins
The herbs are organic. They are locally sourced in the Pacific Northwest and grown/plucked from my own backyard forest.

I compose and create these herbal recipes, enchantments, and reflections based on life experience, intuition, and countless years of study. It is the role of The Herbteller to connect our common threads through story. I use words, herbs, thread and wax to do just that. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or to share your story with a custom request.