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Cosmic Curiosities Astropack / Planetary Mystery Pack (7 or 12 Day Countdown) Mystery Box

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Taaaaaadaaaaahhhhhaaaa, the Cosmic Countdown has arrived just in time for a new year of starstudded Goodness. This dandy of a gift makes for 7 or 12 days of enchanted bliss. Each individually wrapped magical goodie is a delightful surprise perfect for the gifting. Notes: This astropack is a planetary adventure for astrology lovers, seekers, and masters alike. It plays on the archetypal nature of the planets and how we work with the above here in the below. Due to the nature of this little beast of a pack, you may receive two boxes via the post. Choose between the 7 day and 12 day options upon checkout.

* The 12-day countdown now includes membership and full access to The Society of Enchantment. Read more about that here:

If you prefer to make it a surprise, stop reading. If not continue on below the line.


Includes a variation of the following:
Custom Spells/Enchantments
7 or 12 Custom Herbal Tea Blends
Altar Cloth
Vintage delights
Tarot/Oracle Cards
Ritual Oil/Herbfume(s)
Planetary Teas
Divination Tools
art supply
Wee Rituals
Society of Enchantment Membership (12 days option only-SOE mug and notebook not included)
and lots and lots more...
and more...

Herbmusements are artfully composed with handmade goodness and carefully curated items made to serve a purpose. each item in the box comes with a custom recipe, enchantment, and/or activity created by little ole' me. Original design, words, and ideas are guaranteed.

Each package tells a story intended to enrich you and encourage you to tell your own.

Greetings Good Deers, thank you for perusing by. The following notes may prove useful:

-Shipping is included in the cost

- Herbteller recipes are composed based on the natal chart of the person or subject/archetype they represent.

- is a complete catalog

- If you are looking for a particular deity. intention or Teller of tales pop it in the search box. If nothing comes up, feel free to contact me at It's likely been composed and not yet posted.

Art, Recipes, Design, and words are all custom creations and content originated and created by Noelle Labrousse. Replication and plagiarism will not be tolerated. We take idea theft seriously in these here woods.