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Diana Deardream (Tea/Oil/Journal/Cameo) Ritual Set

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Set your intentions and sleep through the night with this therapeutic wonder of a tea. Use the oil right before the sleeping hour and settle in for a restful night of dreaming. Record your dreams with the journal on hand and use the cameo charm as a memory marker. This blend has been infused with Mugwort for lucid dreaming and Rosemary for remembering and recording your dream's events. It's an old trick, but it works like a charm.

4 ounce Glass Jar: Diana Deardream Tea
10ml oil: Dear Dream
Diana Enchantment/Invocation
Cloth Bag
Handkerchief (design varies but it's sure to be lovely)
Charm (design varies but it's sure to be lovely)
Cameo Charm
Blank Notebook (unlined)

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The 4 ounce jar/bag contains 10 tablespoons (30 teaspoons) of herbal bliss.

10 tablespoons =s 10 Stronger than Strong cups of tea
30 teaspoons =s 30 cups of tea (standard servings)

Dear Seeker,

Please take note of the following details:

* Ceremoments are rituals of reflection driven by intention. Metaphysical transformation is not guaranteed.

* The Deities presented in these enchantments are Archetypes of the reflective purpose. I compose each enchantment based on their lore and symbolic worship. Take them out or exchange them as you see fit. Their stories are told and retold to inspire and teach us. This is your story, look within.

*I compose and create these herbal recipes, enchantments, and reflections based on life experience, intuition, and countless years of study. It is the role of The Herbteller to connect our common threads through story. I use words, herbs, thread and wax to do just that. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or to share your story with a custom request.

******OF IMPORT: Due to the Oregon Snows, shipments may face a delay at this time. Printed products (mugs/journals/storycloths/cards) will not be affected.

Greetings Good Deers, thank you for perusing by. The following notes may prove useful:

- Herbteller recipes are composed based on the natal chart of the person or subject/archetype they represent.

- is a complete catalog

- If you are looking for a particular deity. intention, or Teller of tales pop it in the search box. If nothing comes up, feel free to contact me at herbteller [!at] It's likely been composed and not yet posted.

Art, Recipes, Design, and words are all custom creations and content originated and created by Noelle Labrousse. Replication and plagiarism will not be tolerated. We take idea theft serious in these here woods.