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Fanny Spritz (Facial Toner|Redness Reducer)

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Fanny toner is blended under the cautious care of Luna in small batches. Made fresh upon order, Fanny replenishes the skin and works to reduce redness. She is dedicated to nursing your skin back to wellness with a spritz of happy hydration.

Fanny is composed of the following:

Aloe Vera
Restores skin cells/repairs damaged skin/healing agent/hydration
Restores ph/astringent/anti-inflammatory/used to treats acne, varicose veins, scars and wrinkles
Antiseptic/soothing/promotes healing
Astringent/anti-inflammatory/used to treats acne, varicose veins, scars and wrinkles
Anti-inflammatory/promotes healing and repair




1 ounce glass bottle
Charm (design varies but it's sure to be lovely)
Handkercheif (design varies but it's sure to be lovely)
Cloth bag

This product does not contain alcohol.
This product is made with 100% organic/natural ingredients

Herbal Medicine is Medicine. Make sure you test your body products on a small area before you apply them liberally to ensure your skin safety. Always read the ingredients and check with your medical professional if concerns arise.