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J. D. Salinger Ornament (Doublesided/2 Design Options) Herbteller Tale Swappin Souvenir

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Deck the halls with J.D. Salinger all year long.
This souvenir comes in 2 design options. Choose your favor upon checkout.

The tale swappin souvenir shop is open! These trinkets are designed to pay homage to the Taleswappers who came before us. Long live the storyteller!

This little fella makes a great gift and can be used in a variety of ways. I have listed a few idears below. You do You fine friend.

Hang it up all year round
Make it your favorite bookmark
Decorate your cozy nook
Make it your lucky charm

Aluminum Metal
Made in the USA
Design by Stitchteller
Double Sided
2.36in x 2.99in
Hanging Ribbon Included

NOTE: Upon purchase, I send the design to the printer for production and shipping. The advisable time for completion is 5-10 business days but it usually arrives a log quicker.