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My Mnemosyne Memory Oil (Herbal Perfume/Oil)

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With a base of Grapeseed Oil and hints of Rosemary and Jasmine, this Memory Oil is designed to lighten and focus the mind. Dab it on your temples or pour it in your bath for aromatic clarity. Find the time to relax.

Herbteller perfumes and oils are herb-crafted with the cycles of the Moon. Each scent is a custom blend with a specified intent. Hence, the perfumes are prepared in small batches and aged before they are dispensed.

If you have a specific intention you'd like to customize, contact me at and I'll happily comply.

Jade in bottle
Handkerchief (design varies)
Herbcharm (design varies)
Cloth Bag
10ml Bottle or 10ml Roller per your choice

Do not consume.
Herbteller perfumes and oils are composed of organic materials including essential oils.