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Oh Molly Oil/Perfume(Unisexy Blend)| A tribute to Molly Drake (Songbook Series)

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This little tribute to Molly Drake is designed to inspire the poet and songstress in all of us. A touch of Nutmeg and a wisp of Clary Sage and Violets meet with the Herbteller houseblend to perform a delicate and delightful dance. This scent was formulated with her chart on mind and her words in heart. It is altogether splendid.

Get inspired. The Parts know when they are called.

"I don't believe the sun could shine again
Nor that the world would keep on turning
If it were not for all the dreams of men
The hoping, the longing, the yearning
For what the poets said is true enough it seems
We are the substance and the stuff of dreams
So dream your dreams and let them keep out the cold
Dreaming dreams a heart can never grow old
Give yourself a new mentality
What's so hot about reality
Dream your dreams if it's the last thing you do
Never mind if they don't ever come true
Something grows from them at sight and gleaming
The seed of magic lies in all our dreaming"
-Mollly Drake

Herbteller perfumes and oils are herb-crafted with the cycles of the Moon. Each scent is a custom blend with a specified intent. Hence, the perfumes are prepared in small batches and aged before they are dispensed.

Carrier Oil: Jojoba
This product does not contain alcohol.

Handkerchief (design varies)
Herbcharm (design varies)
Cloth Bag

Packaging Options:
1 ounce Tincture Bottle
10 ml Bottle
10ml Roller

Do not consume.
Herbteller perfumes and oils are composed of organic materials including essential oils.