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Ring it In, An Ode to Art Bell Herbal Perfume/Oil/Cologne

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Ring in the strange with this vibrant blend. This little ode to the man who kept our ears warm and minds open packs a subtle aromatic punch that's sure to please and trigger curiosity.

Hints of Clove, Sandalwood and the Herbteller blend dance together in this harmonious androgynous blend.

Herbteller perfumes and oils are herb-crafted with the cycles of the Moon. Each scent is a custom blend with a specified intent. Hence, the perfumes are prepared in small batches and aged before they are dispensed.

Carrier Oil: Jojoba
This product does not contain alcohol

Handkerchief (design varies)
Herbcharm (design varies)
Cloth Bag

Do not consume.
Herbteller perfumes and oils are composed of organic materials including essential oils.