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Supernatural Sip Set (Paranormal Tea Gift Set/Tea Sampler)

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Make it a set worthy of your strange-seeking quest.

The Supernatural Sipset comes with the following four blends:

Bigfoot Blend
Whether you're in hot pursuit of the beast or haunted by his tree knocking shenanigans, the Bigfoot Blend is sure to invigorate your plight.

Bellwitch Brew
A tingle, a charm, and a tickle will do but the best way to repel unwelcome guests is with the Bell Witch Brew. A taste of her own medicine should keep her at bay. I think we agree, it's better that way.

EV Tea
This delicious blend is as tasty as it is magical. Open up the channel and sip in the spirit with some EVtea.

Indrid Cold Brew
The Grinning Man can leave a chilling impression. Indrid Cold Tea is a blend designed to keep with his bold reputation. It's a frighteningly friendly blend of a brew.

Choose between 4 resealable bags or 4 jars upon checkout.
Each Bag makes 5-6 cups of tea.
Each Jar makes 4-5 cups of tea.

Each set includes:
Spoon (design varies but it's sure to be lovely)
Cloth Bag (design varies but it's sure to be lovely)
Handkerchief (design varies but it's sure to be lovely)
Flashlight Charm LED (design varies but it's sure to be lovely)