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Tincturetots Tin (Custom Set)

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The tincturetots are in town! This is a great way to taste test Herbteller tinctures and find your fit. Each bottle comes with 5 servings. Choose your own combination from the inventory here:

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Herbteller tinctures are made using the traditional folk method under Luna's discretion. It is intended to serve as a healing and restorative tonic. Mix it with your beverage of choice to dilute the flavor or brave it with a few drops straight from the source. This original is good for two years.

Herbteller tincturetot tins come with the following:
3 Tincturetots (3ml tincture bottles/5 servings)
Cloth Bag
Charm (design varies)
Handkerchief (design varies)
Gold colored Tin box